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As Central Nebraska’s first fully licensed ambulatory surgery center, First SurgiCenter is so unique, it will raise your expectations of healthcare forever.

Expect a warmer, more comforting atmosphere. A lot of personal attention when you need it, and more privacy. Compassionate, considerate, caring nurses and surgeons, together with more scheduling flexibility, less paperwork and bureaucracy are routine at FSC. And that means a surgical experience that not only exceeds the standards, but also exceeds your expectations.
What is First SurgiCenter?
First SurgiCenter opened January 12, 1999, and was the first fully licensed and Medicare-certified outpatient surgery center in the region.

What is the difference between having surgery at First SurgiCenter or having surgery in my doctor’s office? There’s quite a bit of difference!
First SurgiCenter has the equipment and capabilities of a hospital outpatient surgery unit and is approved to administer both general and local anesthetic. It is licensed by the State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and is Medicare-certified.

It is not, however, the equipment or capabilities that make First SurgiCenter different from other outpatient surgery centers, but a more relaxed and comforting atmosphere. First SurgiCenter provides an environment specifically designed to ease your fears, increase your comfort and introduce personal human caring into your surgical experience.

From comfortable, homey surroundings to a greater degree of personal contact throughout your surgical experience, First SurgiCenter has been shaped around your needs.

First SurgiCenter’s smaller size promotes a team approach to surgery. An environment where surgeons and nurses work closely together to make your experience as comfortable as possible. The closely-knitted team approach also allows for less red tape and more streamlined paperwork as well as greater flexibility in scheduling appointments.

What is “Outpatient” or “Ambulatory” Surgery?
Basically, outpatient surgery (also called ambulatory surgery) is almost any surgical procedure that doesn’t require a hospital stay. If you can have the surgery, go through recovery, and return home the same day, the procedure falls into the outpatient surgery category. Any procedure that requires an overnight stay for observation, or a hospital stay of multiple days for recovery, cannot be performed at First SurgiCenter.

What procedures can be done at First SurgiCenter?
Among the common surgical procedures that can be performed at First SurgiCenter are:

  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Hand Surgery, such as Wrists Fusions, Trigger Finger Releases, etc.
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • Bunionectomy and other foot surgery
  • Many Fracture Pinnings
  • Removal of hardware such as plates or screws
  • Gynecological procedures including tubal ligation
  • Foot Procedures
  • Urological Surgery
  • Eye Procedures
  • Epidurals

Scheduling Your Surgery at First SurgiCenter
If your doctor has recommended outpatient surgery, ask if it’s an appropriate procedure for First SurgiCenter – after all, virtually any outpatient surgery can be performed in our caring, supportive environment. Then, express your preference for First SurgiCenter.

If you should have a concern/complaint, please contact the First SurgiCenter Administrative Director. We are confident that we will be able to resolve your concern.


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