icon Joint Center

Kearney Orthopedic Total Joint Center has been a leader in performing total joint replacement and reconstructive surgery for the benefit of the residents of Nebraska and Kansas for more than 35 years. Our physicians can perform total joint replacement on your knees, hips, shoulders, ankles, wrists, fingers and toes.

The Nebraska Joint Replacement Center is a program to streamline the total joint replacement process from your first appointment to your follow-up appointment. It is another innovation in joint replacement delivery that is consistent with Kearney Orthopedic’s pioneering history. For more information on total joint replacement or to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, please call (308) 865-2500.

Conformis® Knee Replacements

Your knee replacement should be as unique as you are! Kearney Orthopedic & Sports Medicine is proud to offer our patients custom knee replacements. Instead of trying to fit your knee to the “off-the-shelf” implant, Conformis creates knee implants to fit your knee based on CT scan results. For more information, call us at (308) 865-2500 and get started on your journey to relief today!

VERASENSE™ Sensor-Assisted Total Knee Replacements

VERASENSE ™, a wireless orthopedic sensor device used during primary and revision total knee replacement (TKR), enables surgeons to make evidence-based decisions on soft tissue balance and implant position – two factors that can improve patient outcomes. Patients whose knees were balanced using VERASENSE Sensor-Assisted TKR have shown statistically significant improvements over patients whose knees were left unbalanced. For more information about the use of VERASENSE in your total knee replacement, call us at (308) 865-2500 or schedule an appointment today.